Six months ago today a very special little someone first made an appearance . . .
001 - Isabella at 6 months

It was a fairly dramatic arrival . . . I won’t go into all of the details here but it involved an anesthetic failure, a jammed operating table and the Sex Pistols!
002 - Isabella at 6 months

It’s been an amazing journey so far and we’ve loved every minute of it. Although she’s only been here for 6 short months it already feels like she’s always been here.
003 - Isabella at 6 months

I think we’ve been very lucky with Isabella in that she’s such a placid and calm baby. Trust me, it’s nothing to do with our parenting skills (or rather lack of them) as we’re both a bit clueless and have just been muddling along.
004 - Isabella at 6 months

She really isn’t any trouble, she started sleeping through the night once she got to six weeks and she only really cries if she’s hungry. . . both traits she has inherited from her mother!
005 - Isabella at 6 months

It’s a funny time when babies are this young as you would love for them to stay like this for longer so that you can enjoy these most special of times together. Conversely you can’t wait for them to grow up so that you can see them develop and their personality form.
006 - Isabella at 6 months

She’s already a seasoned traveller with lots of trips to Torquay under her belt to see Grandma.
007 - Isabella at 6 months

And she already has her own passport, which rather worryingly, has a photo of her looking like a Bond villain minus the white fluffy cat!
008 - Isabella at 6 months

Her passport has already had some use after we spent the recent May spring bank holiday in Nerja, Spain. We travelled with my parents, sister and her family and had a wonderful time in the pool at the villa and on the beach.
009 - Isabella at 6 months

010 - Isabella at 6 months

011 - Isabella at 6 months

012 - Isabella at 6 months

013 - Isabella at 6 months

014 - Isabella at 6 months

015 - Isabella at 6 months

She really did seem to take going to Spain in her stride. However; she appears to have picked up a bad habit from Aunty Kirsty with regards to her drinking and clearly has an eye, and a hand, on the Rioja.
016 - Isabella at 6 months

It’s only when you look back at the photos over the last 6 moths that you really see how much she has grown and changed . . .

We can’t wait to see what the next 6 months have in store for our lovely little bear.
017 - Isabella at 6 months

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