It’s that time of year when all the wedding photographers bust out their best wedding photography 2016 blog posts. I always find choosing images for these end of year reviews really difficult. I photographed so many weddings this year, all of which have been special and memorable. All the brides, grooms, their friends and families have been amazing, incredibly welcoming and just so bloody lovely. So instead of picking a “best of” selection what I wanted to do was compress my year of wedding photography into 2 minutes and 35 seconds. I’ve squeezed all the weddings into one small bite sized chunk to give everyone a feel for what my year has been like. Just turn up the volume and press play on the following video . . .

Before I sign off for 2016 I need to say a few thank yous. Firstly I need to say a massive thanks to all the couples who booked me for this last year, it’s been an incredible privilege to be part of your amazing wedding days. Also a huge thanks to all those that have already booked me for the coming year and for 2018 too. I also need to say a big thanks to all the other wedding photographers I’ve had the pleasure to work for and who’ve also second shot for me this year especially Darren Gair, Amy Rose, Roo Stain and Emily & Katy. There’s also a big high five to all the other photographers out there who’ve provided support and inspiration especially John Coats, Greg Milner all the lovely people in NPWC and also all the Penta-people too. Finally, although Simon Brettell Photography is very much a one man operation this business would not be where it is today without the continued love and support of my wonderful wife and our beautiful daughter.

So as we close out 2016 I would like to wish each and every one of you reading this all the best for 2017.


Great stuff Simon! loving the guy floating away with the balloon! Have a fantastic 2017 :O)

Amazing Simon! What a great selection. I love these! Beautiful video. Top work!

Outstanding in every way!

Pretty epic year for all involved! Great mash up Simon!

Wow Simon, this is an epic collection. Keep up the great work and I’m so glad to have met you in 2016 xo

Thanks for the kind words Lisa. It was great to meet you too and I had s real blast on The Farm, met some wonderful people too. Hope you have a great 2017

This is bloody brilliant Simon, 2016 has been an amazing one for you, thanks for the shout out too… Merry Christmas and here is to an epic 2017, whoop! Love us 2 xx

Thanks for the lovely comment and thanks for helping make 2016 such great fun. You pair also had an amazing 2016 too, here’s to more of the same for 2017 xx

Amy-Rose Deffley

What a fantastic year for your Simon. Everything is so colourful and fun with so much life in every photo, your couples must be so chuffed. Likewise thanks so much for all the knowledge and support and friendship, you da bomb! X

Thanks for the comment Amy-Rose, and for giving such amazing support during 2016. Here’s to smashing it in 2017!!!

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