Best Wedding Photography 2017

I can’t believe that we’re nearly at the end of 2017 already, this year has absolutely zipped by. I’ve been fortunate to photograph some truly amazing weddings at some spectacular venues during 2017. Everything from barns to a Balinese water temple, imposing West Country manor houses to former industrial warehouses in the heart of Birmingham. I’ve seen everything from a fiery flamenco first dance to a crowd surfing bride and groom. It’s been pretty bloody epic!

Like last year, I’ve done my annual roundup as a video. I always find this sort of thing really difficult, trying to reduce the tens of thousands of images taken throughout the year into something that can fit into a coherent few minutes. So here it is, if you’ve got 3 minutes and 9 seconds free I’d love it if you would spend it looking at 88 images that highlight my year of weddings. For the best viewing experience go to the video embedded below and press the fullscreen button, it’s this one . . .Then press play, you know what the play button looks like. Oh, and turn the sound up too . . .

I have to say a massive thank you to all the couples that booked me in 2017, every wedding has been unique and filled with so much fun, love and laughter. It has been a huge pleasure to have been a part of so many special days. I also need to say a huge thanks to all the other industry people who’ve helped so much over the last 12 months; from everyone that has second shot with me, the makeup artists, venues and all the other nice people with cameras out there who’ve provided mountains of help and support.

The last of my thanks has to go to these two special ladies . . .

. . . I wouldn’t be able to run this business without their continued love and support. So before I sign off I just need to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year. Here’s to everyone having a great 2018.

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  • Roo Stain

    on 11/12/2017  14:49

    Bloody brilliant dude, you have smashed this year so hard!

    • Simon Brettell

      on 11/12/2017  14:59

      Thanks for the kind words Roo, had so many great weddings this year

  • Emily

    on 12/12/2017  07:26

    Amazing Simon, loved watching your 2017, what a year xx

    • Simon Brettell

      on 12/12/2017  09:59

      Thanks Emily, really appreciate the kind words xx

    • Simon Brettell

      on 12/12/2017  09:58

      Thanks for the kind words Tarik, it's been a hell of a year

  • Craig McKenna

    on 14/12/2017  21:14

    A fantastic set of images of your year,
    Simon! Absolutely fantastic work and so many wonderfully captured moments throughout this! Loved it!

  • Jamie Vernum

    on 14/12/2017  21:30

    Joe Melia this who we’re using for our wedding photography

    • Joe Melia

      on 15/12/2017  04:04

      Cheers J will have a look mate

  • Jo Long

    on 16/12/2017  15:40

    Incredible. Can not wait to meet you in 2018

  • Kathryn

    on 02/01/2018  09:13

    I really enjoyed watching that Simon. Lovely work! Have a great 2018! x

  • Greg Milner

    on 02/01/2018  21:27

    Awesome work Simon, loved watching that mate. Here's to a killer 2018 eh!