On Thursday evening I met up with Elly and Pete in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter for a pre-wedding photoshoot. We met for a chat at The Drop Forge bar where we spent a good hour talking through the plans for their big day. I knew we’d get on fine when Elly turned up brandishing a pint of Purity Pure Gold which lead us onto a lengthy chat about our mutual love of hoppy real ales. For reasons that I won’t go into here Pete was drinking a pint of stout with a straw!

Elly and Pete’s wedding sounds like it’s going to be a wonderfully relaxed affair. They are getting married in four week’s time at the beautiful Georgian Era St Paul’s Church in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter before returning to The Drop Forge for their reception. They will be eschewing many of the traditional wedding elements and really putting their own unique touches to the day. Once we’d finished talking through their wedding plans we then headed out for a bit of fun with the camera.

Elly and Pete wanted to use Warstone Lane Cemetery for the photoshoot as this is one of the few green open spaces close to where we were. Many people would think that using a cemetery for a pre-wedding photoshoot is an insane idea but I do love a bit of a challenge. Here are a few pictures from the shoot . . .
001 - Elly and Pete

002 - Elly and Pete

003 - Elly and Pete

004 - Elly and Pete

005 - Elly and Pete

006 - Elly and Pete

007 - Elly and Pete

008 - Elly and Pete

009 - Elly and Pete


Wow, these are all stunning Simon, I love the flare on the second image, greak work mate!

Wonderful pics, Simon! Hope we get to see some wedding ones too. :-) #greatjob

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