For my last wedding of the year I was working as second shooter with the wonderful Amy-Rose Deffley from Amy-Rose Photography. We were down in the Cotswolds at the amazing Cripps Stone Barn to photograph Amy and Craig’s wedding.

We met with the bridal party at the seventeenth century vine clad Wheatsheaf Inn in the historic market town of Northleach, in the heart of the Cotswolds. Amy and her bridesmaids were busy with the bridal preparations in the private dining room of the hotel whilst Craig and his groomsmen used some of the upstairs bedrooms, ensuring the bride and groom were kept apart. We also got the chance to meet Amy and Craig’s son, the very cute Caleb.

Once the boys were ready I followed them to the wedding venue at Cripps Stone Barn (hey folks . . . don’t get this confused with Cripps Barn, they’re different places!) whilst Amy-Rose stayed to capture the final bridal preparations. Cripps Stone Barn is an amazing space for a wedding. The ceremony took place in the lovely old Cotswold stone barn section of the venue with the wedding breakfast being held in the adjoining Dutch Barns. The Dutch Barns has to be one of the UKs most unique dining spaces with its corrugated iron roof and sawn oak floors. When you add in the huge wood burning open kitchen (which the venue claim is Britain’s biggest BBQ) on one side and the spectacular Cotswold views on the other, it really does make it a spectacular space.

For the more nerdy amongst you this is also the first wedding which I shot with the new Canon 5D mkiv camera and I’ve got to say I’m mighty impressed. If you’re a wedding photographer or are looking at buying the camera then I’ve already written quite a detailed review on the blog at the following link -> Canon 5D mk iv Review. Anyway enough of the nerdy stuff, here’s a few photos from Amy and Craig’s wonderful Cripps Stone Barn wedding . . .

001-the-wheatsheaf-inn-northleach-wedding 002-the-wheatsheaf-inn-northleach-wedding 003-the-wheatsheaf-inn-northleach-wedding 004-the-wheatsheaf-inn-northleach-wedding 005-the-wheatsheaf-inn-northleach-wedding 006-the-wheatsheaf-inn-northleach-wedding 007-the-wheatsheaf-inn-northleach-wedding 008-the-wheatsheaf-inn-northleach-wedding 009-the-wheatsheaf-inn-northleach-wedding 010-the-wheatsheaf-inn-northleach-wedding 011-the-wheatsheaf-inn-northleach-wedding-photographer 012-the-wheatsheaf-inn-northleach-wedding-photographer 013-the-wheatsheaf-inn-northleach-wedding-photographer 014-the-wheatsheaf-inn-northleach-wedding-photographer 015-the-wheatsheaf-inn-northleach-wedding-photographer 016-the-wheatsheaf-inn-northleach-wedding-photographer 017-the-wheatsheaf-inn-northleach-wedding-photographer 018-the-wheatsheaf-inn-northleach-wedding-photographer 019-the-wheatsheaf-inn-northleach-wedding-photographer 020-the-wheatsheaf-inn-northleach-wedding-photographer 021-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photographer 022-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photographer 023-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photographer 024-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photographer 025-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photographer 026-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photographer 027-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photographer 028-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photographer 029-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photographer 030-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photographer 031-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photography 032-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photography 033-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photography 034-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photography 035-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photography 036-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photography 037-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photography 038-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photography 039-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photography 040-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photography 041-cotswold-wedding-photography 042-cotswold-wedding-photography 043-cotswold-wedding-photography 044-cotswold-wedding-photography 045-cotswold-wedding-photography 046-cotswold-wedding-photography 047-cotswold-wedding-photography 048-cotswold-wedding-photography 049-cotswold-wedding-photography 050-cotswold-wedding-photography 051-cotswold-wedding-photographer 052-cotswold-wedding-photographer 053-cotswold-wedding-photographer 054-cotswold-wedding-photographer 055-cotswold-wedding-photographer 056-cotswold-wedding-photographer 057-cotswold-wedding-photographer 058-cotswold-wedding-photographer 059-cotswold-wedding-photographer 060-cotswold-wedding-photographer 061-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photographer 062-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photographer 063-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photographer 064-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photographer 065-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photographer 066-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photographer 067-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photographer 068-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photographer 069-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photographer 070-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photographer 071-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photographer 072-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photographer 073-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photographer 074-cripps-stone-barn-wedding-photographer


Mate these are bloody great!! So many awesome frames, really get a sense of the fun.

smashed these out of the park dude. I expect nothing less of course.

WOW!! What an amazing wedding, you smashed it Simon!!

Mate that’s a smoking set dude

Ace photos as always Simon. Love the B&W ones. xx

Bloody wonderful Simon! Saved my jacksie on the confetti shot. Big love and thanks for being such a splendid partner in crime! xx

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