If you’re after a last minute Christmas present then I can thoroughly recommend that you get yourself to Dudley Zoo to pick up their 2016 charity calendar . . . oh, and as a bonus one of my photos is on the cover!

Earlier in the year Dudley Zoo asked for visitors to submit pictures of animals taken at the zoo, the best of which would be selected for inclusion in the 2016 calendar. Money from sales of the calendar goes to supporting various animal charities, this year it’s going to Painted Dog Conservation which is helping to save the last 7,000 African wild dogs which mainly live in Zimbabwe.

We’d been to the zoo for my wife’s birthday (the blog post is here) so sent the following Lemur picture in from the Zoo’s amazing walk through enclosure.
011 - Dudley Zoo
I was very pleased to learn that the picture I submitted was picked for cover of the calendar. I was also really pleased to hear that sales of the calendar have been going so well that a second print run has been ordered.
001 - Dudley Zoo Calendar
As a thank you to the 13 people that had pictures chosen for the calendar everyone was invited to a waking up the zoo experience where we got to go behind the scenes of a number of enclosures early one morning before the zoo opened. We had great fun with in the tapir and capybara enclosure, the tapirs were incredibly friendly and loved having their bristly hair ruffled. We also got to feed meal worms to the meerkats and some rather smelly fish to the penguins. It was a great fun.
002 - Dudley Zoo Calendar

003 - Dudley Zoo Calendar

004 - Dudley Zoo Calendar

005 - Dudley Zoo Calendar

006 - Dudley Zoo Calendar

007 - Dudley Zoo Calendar

008 - Dudley Zoo Calendar

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