A couple of weeks ago we spent a hugely enjoyable day at Duley Zoo. The zoo sits in the grounds of Dudley Castle and covers an area of 40 acres. They have a huge range of animals from the very small, including one of my favorites the Axolotl, up to the very large 5.5m high Rothschild’s Giraffe. If you need a break from the animal antics, at the heart of the zoo you can explore the 11th Castle, which was originally built in 1070 by Ansculf de Picquigny shortly after the Norman conquest.
001 - Dudley Zoo

002 - Dudley Zoo

004 - Dudley Zoo

005 - Dudley Zoo

006 - Dudley Zoo

007 - Dudley Zoo

008 - Dudley Zoo

009 - Dudley Zoo

010 - Dudley Zoo

011 - Dudley Zoo

012 - Dudley Zoo

013 - Dudley Zoo

014 - Dudley Zoo

If you’re interested in photography it’s possible to get some great shots of the animals as many of the enclosures are free from cages and wire, giving clear unobstructed views – providing you have a fairly long lens. And if the weather is clear it’s also possible to get a fairly unusual view of Birmingham from the top of the castle.
015 - Dudley Zoo

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