How To Use The Wedding Photography Gallery

This guide is a walkthrough of how to use the wedding photography gallery. It covers many of the features including navigating, downloading and buying prints. You will usually receive a link to access to your gallery via email. Included in this is the password which can use to log in to view the gallery.

To log in you need to use your email address and the gallery password, simply click on the gallery link from the email and enter the relevant details.

Please note that you can also find the gallery by going to my home page at and then select “Client Area” from the menu at the top of the screen followed by the “Galleries” option.

The home screen of the gallery is split into different albums to make navigation easier e.g. if you want to look at the evening reception photos you can go directly to that album without having to scroll through and load all of the images from the earlier part of the day.

If you still want to see all the photos in one continuous stream then please select the final album labelled “ALL PHOTOS”

When you initially select an album the images will cascade to fill the screen.

Scrolling up and down will allow you to navigate through the album. If you want to view an image larger click (tap on a phone) on the image and you will now have and expanded view with a filmstrip across the bottom of the screen.

Using the left and right arrow keys (or swiping on the image on a phone) will scroll to the next image. You can scroll through the film stip by clicking and dragging (or swiping on a phone) along the filmstrip. For a full screen view click (tap on a phone) on the image again.

You can still scroll left and right to move through the images. To return to the filmstrip view press ESC (or tap on a phone) and then to return to the cascade view click on the “Back to Gallery” button on the top left of the screen. From there you can return to the gallery home page by pressing the home button at the top of the screen.

Images can be marked as favourites by clicking on the star icon. You can view all favourite images in the gallery by pressing the star icon at the top of the page.

The photographs can be downloaded free of charge. You can download individual files by pressing the download button underneath each picture. You can download the full gallery by pressing the download button on the gallery home screen. You can also select multiple files for download by marking them as favourites, pressing the favorites star at the top of the screen and then pressing the download button from the favourites home page. When downloading full galleries or the favourites selection I recommend using a computer as the gallery system sends you photographs in a zip file which many smartphones struggle to open.

When downloading images you’re given the option of two different file sizes. For most uses I recommend using the full size option as this will give the highest quality. However; there is a second option for file sizes that are optimised for social media. These are reduced to 1200 pixels on the long edge and are sized to reduce upload times when sharing online.

The gallery also offers the ability to buy physical products such as prints or wall art. Simply press the shopping cart item under the picture(s) you wish to purchase and then select the options that you want from those available.

There are other options available within the gallery such as share directly to social media or playing the images in a slideshow.