I thought I would hijack Daddy’s website and tell you all about the adventures that I’ve been having over the first year of my life. Daddy tells me that this is the first photograph taken of me after I was born at 10:20 exactly one year ago today.
001 - Isabaella Ava
I’ve changed quite a bit since then; I can now crawl about, say a few words and even stand up on my own. I’ve not mastered walking yet and I’ve not managed to grow any teeth either but I’m working hard at it. You can see just how much I’ve changed in these next three pictures with my big bear, the first one from when I was a few days old, the second one at 6 months and the third now I’m one
001 - Bear 1

002 - Bear 2

I won’t go over the first six months again as Daddy has already written about it before and we’ve had lots of adventures since then that I can tell you about.
003 -Ludlow
We’ve still been having lots of trips to the West Country, not just to see Grandma in Torquay but we’ve also been surfing in Croyde too
004 - Grandma

005 - Croyde
We also had a lovely week in Polzeath where Mummy and Daddy bought me the best hat ever!
006 - Shark Hat

007 - Shark Hat

008 -Polzeath

009 - Port Izaac

010 - Duck

It’s been a lovely summer, I’ve had a great time playing with my NCT pals; Isabel, Cece, Avanya, Sofia and Anise. Mommy even let Daddy “go up North” when we had a lovely trip to Whitby and Castle Howard, it was a particularly memorable for me as I had my first try of ice cream!
011 - Castle Howard 1

012 - Castle Howard 2

013 - Ice Cream
I’ve also given my passport a bit of another airing too when we had a week in the sun on the Algarve in Portugal where I did lots of swimming.
013 - Portugal 1

014 - Portugal 2

015 - Portugal 3
Here’s a few more pictures from my summer. . .
016 - Torquay

017 - NomNom

018 - Bath Time

019 - Tintagel

020 - Swing

021 - Halloween
But now summer is over and it’s nearly Christmas. I also had my first meeting with Santa, even though I’ve been good this year I didn’t quite know what to make of him.
022 - Santa
Before I go I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that has been a part of my wonderful first year, I had the most amazing time. Thanks too for all the lovely birthday wishes, I hope you all have a merry Christmas. All my love, Isabella xxx


Well done, Isabella, your writing skills are coming along brilliantly! :D And happy birthday!

This is so cool, thanks Isabella x

She is a beauty Simon, stunning work as ever. Looks like you all had one hell of a year. Happy Birthday Izzy !!

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