A couple of weeks before Christmas I received the best present I could have ever hoped for . . . a beautiful baby daughter. Isabella Ava Brettell was born at 10:20 in the morning on the 10th December at Birmingham Women’s Hospital, weighing in at a healthy 7lb 1oz.
001 - Isabaella Ava

002 - Isabaella Ava

003 - Isabaella Ava
After two nights in hospital we were allowed to bring her home, where she’s been settling in for the last couple of weeks prior to the start of the Christmas festivities. To be honest, this year, Christmas has been even more of a blur than normal!

I’d like to say a massive thank you to all of our friends, family and also my previous customers who have been in touch with their messages and best wishes. It really has been very humbling and we really appreciate all of the kind words and gifts that people have bought for Isabella. I’d also like to say a huge thank you to all of the staff at Birmingham Women’s Hospital who helped throughout the pregnancy, delivery and post natal care of our wonderful daughter.
004 - Isabaella Ava

005 - Isabaella Ava

006 - Isabaella Ava

007 - Isabaella Ava

008 - Isabaella Ava

009 - Isabaella Ava

010 - Isabaella Ava

011 - Isabaella Ava

012 - Isabaella Ava

013 - Isabaella Ava

014 - Isabaella Ava

014 - Isabella at 6 months

015 - Isabaella Ava

016 - Isabaella Ava

I also have to say what an amazing job my wife Liz has done looking after Isabella over the past 9 month’s before her arrival. I know she’s going to be an amazing Mum and I can’t wait to see how this new addition to our family develops over the coming weeks, months and years.
017 - Isabaella Ava

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