I’ve been a huge fan of Robin Ince for a number of years and made sure that my diary was clear when he recently came to Birmingham Skeptics in the Pub at the The Victoria to perform a special “work in progress” show.

I think Robin is probably most widely know these days for the Radio 4 science / comedy show, The Infinite Monkey Cage, which he co-hosts with the lovely haired physicist Professor Brian Cox. However; he is also a writer and a brilliant stand-up. I won’t write a review of the night as Brum Skeptic co-organiser Patrick has done a far more erudite job than I could mange on the Birmingham Skeptics website -> here. Here’s a few images from the night . .
001 - Robin Ince at Brum Skeptics

002 - Robin Ince at Brum Skeptics

003 - Robin Ince at Brum Skeptics

004 - Robin Ince at Brum Skeptics

005 - Robin Ince at Brum Skeptics

006 - Robin Ince at Brum Skeptics

007 - Robin Ince at Brum Skeptics

008 - Robin Ince at Brum Skeptics

Robin is coming back to Birmingham to the Glee Club on the 21st November when he’ll be performing his Happiness Through Science show. This will be the second time the show is in town after a sell out performance earlier in the year at the Midland Arts Centre. Having seen the previous performance I urge you all to get a ticket for the return show.

Robin’s other tour dates can be found on his website or you can follow him on Twitter at @robinince

For more information on Birmingham Skeptics in the Pub please see their websites or, Twitter @Brum_Skeptics or Facebook page

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