A couple of weeks ago we paid a visit to S&D Falconry as a treat for my Dad’s birthday. We had an amazing afternoon in the company of Stephen, Debbie and their beautiful birds of prey.

The event started with a flying display from Molly the barn owl before we all got the chance to fly her into our own hand (by tempting her with a chicken foot!). We were then treated to a variety of different birds including Archie the harris hawk, a peregrine falcon and, my personal favourite, Alfie the great horned owl. You can see Alfie being handled by my Dad in the pictures below – not sure who has the bushiest eyebrows.

It really was a great experience to be so close to these stunning animals, plus both Stephen and Debbie were so knowledgeable and passed on tons of interesting stories and information.

So you might be wondering what this has to do with weddings being as this is on my wedding photography website. Well; Steven, Debbie and Molly the barn owl also provide a service called Ring on Wing. This is where Molly will act as a ring barer at your wedding and fly the rings down the isle into the hand of the best man or groom. It’s certainly something a little different that is bound to wow your wedding guests and also will give you some unique photo opportunities.

If you’re interested in a falconry experience or Ring on a Wing then you can contact Steve and Debbie direct via their website or Facebook page.
001 - Ring on a wing

002 - Ring on a wing

003 - Ring on a wing

004 - Ring on a wing

005 - Ring on a wing

006 - Ring on a wing

007 - Ring on a wing

008 - Ring on a wing

009 - Ring on a wing

010 - Ring on a wing

011 - Ring on a wing

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