Firstly, I'd like to congratulate you both on your upcoming wedding, there are many exciting times ahead in the coming months as you approach the big day. For some people finding a wedding videographer can be a daunting task which raises lots of questions, so I've put together this guide which I hope will help you.

Back in the day, wedding videos were this long, uncut, dare I say tedious film, provided on a scratchy VHS tape or DVD. My aim is to move away from this experience and to provide couples with a more dynamic, cinematic and emotional experience for their wedding film. Something which distills the best parts of your wedding day into a highlight film that can be watched (and re-watched) with friends and family without requiring hours of time.

To keep things simple I have one basic package which can be supplemented with a couple of addons if required. The following outlines the details of each . . .


A 3 to 5 minute creative documentary style highlight film of your wedding day
A full recording of your ceremony using a multi-camera setup
A full recording of your speeches using a multi-camera setup

You can see an example of a base package highlight film below . . .



You get all the content of the base package with an additional longer 8 to 10 minute extended film

And here’s an example of the longer 8 to 10 minute edit . . .



For those of you that wish to share your wedding on social media I also offer a 1 minute “Insta Teaser” style video . . .


Below you will find my FAQ section which I hope will answer any initial questions which you may have

Tell us a little about yourself . . . who are you?

As you could probably work out from the name of my business, my name is Simon Brettell, I’ve been photographing weddings professionally since 2012 and doing video since 2020 (during the first COVID lockdown). I’ve always had a fascination with cameras, photography, film and cinematography. I was particularly inspired by the films of Stanley Kubrick after seeing 2001 at quite a young age (probably way too young an age if the truth be told!). I know that back then I didn’t have a clue about what was going on with the story of 2001 but I was mesmerised by the style and the impact that the visuals had on me. I’m incredibly lucky that this job allows me to do something for a living which is a massive part of my personal life and interests.

What is your videography style?

One of the most important decisions to make when choosing your wedding videographer is to pick someone whose visual style and aesthetic matches your own ideas of how you envisage your wedding and who will capture it in the way you would like to remember. My filmmaking style is incredibly “hands off”. I work in a documentary fashion, capturing the events of the day as they unfold with minimal interference. This allows me to tell the real story of your wedding day.

How do you work on the wedding day?

Being as I’m primarily a documentary style videographer I try to be as hands off as I can. Blending in with your wedding guests, working discreetly to capture real moments and allowing you to spend as much time as possible enjoying your big day with your family and friends. I work using Sony Alpha cameras which are small and discrete and not like some huge great hulking shoulder mounted camera rig that you may be used to seeing on the TV or at other weddings. This allows me to be as descrete as possible.

How long are you with us on the wedding day?

Coverage starts up to 2 hours before the bride is due to leave for the ceremony. This allows enough time to capture all the details (dress, shoes etc) and to record the atmosphere and excitement of the pre-wedding bridal preparations. Coverage then continues throughout the rest of the day ending an hour after the first dance. Additional hours can be booked if extended coverage is required.

How far will you travel for our wedding?

Although I’m based in Harborne in Birmingham I travel all over the UK and abroad for destination weddings. I have shot weddings from Scotland in the north to St Ives in the south. From Torquay to Turkey.

How do we get our videos?

Your videos are provided to you in mp4 format and are in full HD resolution (i.e. 1920×1080). The files are uploaded to a secure password protected website to make sharing easy. From the website they are viewable on computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones and compatible smart TVs. You can also download copies for local storage and playback.

How long does it take to get our video?

I aim to get your full set of videos to you within 8 weeks of the wedding. However; during peak times it may take a little longer.

Do you offer a pre-wedding consultation?
I offer a free online pre-wedding consultation to all couples making a booking. This usually takes place a couple of months before the wedding so most of your plans for the big day are already in place. This enables me to have a more detailed discussion of the wedding plans with you and allows me to work out the timings for the key events of the day. It’s also a great opportunity for us to get to know each other a little better too.

What happens if your camera breaks?
To protect against equipment failure I have backups of all my critical gear. I currently take a minimum of three camera bodies and ten lenses to each wedding.
076 - Suffolk Wedding Photographer
Do you have a drone?
Yes, I have a drone which I take to all weddings. However; it isn’t always used due to various factors including; wind (it’s a level 5 drone so it can only fly if the wind speed is less than 10.7m/s), rain (it can’t fly in the rain due to safety issues), venue restrictions (many venues have restrictions / bans on drone usage), CAA restrictions (the Civil Aviation Authority have permanent and temporary airspace restrictions which have to be checked before flight)
076 - Suffolk Wedding Photographer
Can we have a copy of all the footage that you record?
Yes, I also give you the option to have a copy of everything recorded which didn’t fit into the highlight film. This will sequenced together with the original background audio and provided to you.

Are you insured?
Yes, I have public liability cover, professional indemnity insurance as well as full equipment cover for all of my videography gear.

What happens if you're sick or unable to attend?
I’ve not missed a wedding yet but to mitigate against illness I’m part of a wedding videography network which currently contains over 200 videographers who work throughout the UK. If the worst were to happen I would be able to refer to the network to try to find cover. If this isn’t possible or if you’d prefer to find your own replacement then a full refund would be offered as per the terms of the contract. If you want the ultimate in protection, then I also provide the option of booking a second shooter / second videographer.

Do you charge extra for mileage / accommodation?
All travel / accommodation costs are included for UK mainland weddings. An additional charge will be required for destination weddings.

Do you work with an assistant?
I shoot all weddings on my own, unless you decide to include a second shooter / second videographer in your package.

Ok . . . tell me more about a second shooter / second videographer
A second shooter / second videographer is an additional professional videographer who will be present for the wedding day. They have the same skill levels, equipment and backup gear as the primary videographer and are useful for several different reasons. Having a second videographer on the job can add another dimension to the visual record of the day as it allows for two simultaneous perspectives of all the key moments. It is also essential if you want bride and groom preparation coverage on the morning of the wedding, especially if you are getting ready in different locations. A second shooter can also be useful for larger weddings.

Can you video and photograph our wedding at the same time?
I’m a one man business so unfortunately this isn’t practical. If you book me to video your wedding there are photographers that I regularly work with whom I would be more than happy to recommend to you. And vice versa, If you book me to photograph your wedding there are a videographers who I would recommend.

Do you offer a Non-Disclosure Agreement?
Some couples may prefer that their videos are kept private and not used on-line or for marketing purposes. For clients wishing this I offer an option of an NDA. However; being as I gain most of my bookings by promoting my previous weddings this incurs an additional cost to compensate for this.

How far in advance should we make our booking?
In order to avoid disappointment it’s best to book as soon as you have your date and venue arranged. The longest booking I’ve taken was over 3 years in advance. However, some couples plan things at very short notice. I’ve also taken bookings at less than a week’s notice. Book early if you can but if you have a last-minute enquiry please still get in touch. If I’m not available for your wedding day I may still be able to find someone who can help.

Do you have any further questions?
If you have any further questions or concerns, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the details on the CONTACT page.

How do we make an enquiry?
To make an enquiry please get in touch using the details on the CONTACT page. The best way is to fill in the form so that I have all of the relevant information required. Once I have your details I will be back in touch to confirm my availability and I will also send you a copy of my latest and most up to date pricing information. If you haven’t seen a reply within 24 hours please check your email spam folder as occasionally responses may end up in there.
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