I was absolutely thrilled this weekend to have picked up an award at this month’s Wedisson Awards for this picture from Amy and Michael’s wedding at Froyle Park in Hampshire . . .

The Wedisson Awards are an international wedding photography contest which recognises outstanding, inspirational and artistic imagery taken by some of the world’s top wedding photographers. It’s a real honour to be a winner in such a massive global competition alongside some truly amazing photographers. I also need to say a huge thank you to Amy and Michael for having me along at their wonderful wedding and allowing me the opportunity to create this image.

For anyone interested in the technical / nerdy aspects of this picture – it was taken on a Canon 5D mkiv with a Sigma 24-35mm f2.0 lens. The ambient light was underexposed by around a stop and a half in order to bring out the colour in the dusky sky. The bride and groom where then illuminated with Canon 600ex-rt off camera flash, mounted on a light stand, which was hidden behind the front right post of the pagoda.

Award Winning Photographer

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